A fun casino is all the fun and glamour of  Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.  It’s great entertainment without breaking the bank.

We don’t play with real money.  Guests are given a voucher to be exchanged at the table for chips.

A professionally trained croupier explains the rules of each game and helps to place your bets.


Vegas Showgirls at a UK Croupier casino
Vegas Showgirls add an extra sparkle to your fun casino event

We can offer you a selection of games including American Roulette, Black Jack, American Dice (Craps), Wheel-of-Fortune and Caribbean Stud & Texas Poker.

Whether you are a regular visitor to the casino or a complete novice, our experienced croupiers will explain the rules and give you tips on how to play.

At the end of the evening/event the winners are the players holding the most chips.

To make it more fun we recommend that the chips be exchanged for prizes.

It really is that simple.


Why not ask for a no obligation personalised quote to see just how inexpensive your own fun casino can be?